WELCOME to ECHO Communications


Marta Gore and Laura Stephens began ECHO (Early Childhood Hands On) Communications in 1998 with the writing of "Bugs, Bunnies, and Bats," a user friendly, hands on, step-by-step activities and resource book for parents/grandparents and early childhood professionals.

The book starts with the reading of a good children's book and proceeds to themed games and activities that promote important preschool skills. As parent educators and early childhood consultants, Marta and Laura knew that children learn best and develop to their full potential when engaged in "hands on" activities. 

Their next books, "Dogs, Frogs, and Hedgehogs" and "Mice, Moose, and Seuss," offered 44 additional activity plans, games, and recipes.  Their new book, "How Now Polka Dot Cow," is currently "under construction."   

To support the active play and learning promoted in their books, ECHO soon began offering sensory products and fun resources for classroom and home.  The products on this website--our activity and resource books, CDs, playdough tools, sensory/stress balls, manipulatives, and much more--encourage "hands on/minds on" learning for the child in all of us.